Field Trip to Cerritos Library: Saturday, February 28th

Next Saturday, we will be having our first Brea Library Writer’s Group Field Trip to the Cerritos Library next Saturday, February 28th. We will meet at the car circle outside the Brea Library at 10:00 and carpool together from there. Please bring at least $3 for gas money as well. You may also want to bring money for lunch and for the massive sidewalk book sale that will taking place that day from 10:30-2:00

Cerritos-bk SaleWhy should you go? Well, as Kaleo put it.

Patty and I stopped by the Cerritos Public Library yesterday and it is an absolute, jaw-dropping, eye popping, WOW!!!

A couple of you may have already been there, but I was thinking it would make a great field trip for the group, OR if you just want to stop in if you are traveling by – I cannot recommend it enough!!They have 18 of the latest Mac computers with large screens just for their teen area. You can check out ipads, and they have 3 large touch screen TV’s that can be used for their (teen) presentations.

They have a bank of computers that looks like Nasa’s Houston Control center – with over 80 computers on the 2nd Floor.

Their Children’s Center – is a mix of the Discovery Center, The Rainforest Cafe Restaurant and a library all rolled into one!

The Craftman area – yes it’s got that Green & Green, Pasadena vibe, complete with rocking chairs and even more computers!

Who doesn’t love an impressive library with a giant used book sale on their lawn. So, please join us for the adventure. 🙂

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