January Writer’s Forum


We held our first Writer’s Forum at “I Knead Love” last Saturday. Christy presided over the meeting, but it may be her last time in a while, due to living arrangements. Thank you for all your great work, Christy.

Kunj spoke about her idea for a non-fiction anthology introducing children to famous writers.

Carmen read us the latest chapter of THE WITCH’S LAUGH.

Rita explained an idea for her latest work, called TAKE ME TO TOYLAND.

Kaleo read us a scene from his DETECTIVE NICKY short story.

Becky brainstormed promotion events for her novel THE CHANGELINGS and asked the group their opnion on her short story.


Interestingly, these suggestions came from the Melissa, the owner of I Knead Love, who’s both a supporter of independent writers and entrapranuers, and an avid reader. She told me that there was an Indie Author Signing Event that takes place in Anaheim in October. I think this is the link:


This event is put on by the “Authors in the OC” Facebook Group.


This might be a good networking event for readers and writers.

For anyone looking for cheap books and daily deals, Melissa recommends Book Bub.


Thanks so much to Melissa, our patron of pastries, for passing along the news!

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