Writing Tidbits

The Habits and Methods of Writers in Our Group

Ned on Music and Mood

“I never listen to music with words when I write because it distracts me. The kind of music I listen to dictates what story I write.”

Rita on Writer’s Block

“I find when I’m having writer’s block, it helps to take a deep breath and surround myself with beauty: music beauty, art beauty. Sometimes I cook. It gets the creative juices going for me.”

Carmen on Writing Rituals

“I have a balcony and an arrangement of plants and a table and chairs. I have some classical music and out it on low. But if I don’t have coffee, I don’t have my inspiration. I read what I’ve written, I take a sip of coffee, read, take a sip, and the ideas start flowing. I write early in the morning, after my grandkids are at school.”

Helen on Overcoming Doubt

“I’m a poet, and this is still quite new to me, to write prose. The confidence isn’t there yet. What I’ve learned to do is simply listen to the voice within. And I don’t question it. Even if the logical part says, “What?” I’ve learned to follow that voice. Trust your gut.”

Christy on Finding Inspiration

“All my I daydream. I read the news everyday, and talk to myself about it. They should have done this, they should have done that. Sometimes I’m just walking and I come up with a phrase. For example, “Violence causes fear in the masses, while knowledge causes fear in the powerful.” All my thinking comes from driving and cooking–that’s all the free time I get.”

Becky on Character Names

“I have a book on baby names, sorted by different countries. When I name my characters, I start by picking a country. My Three Floating Coffins story takes place in a fantasy version of Byzantine Greece, so I picked Greek names. Sometimes, I change letters. For example, I turn Hs into Js, Ms into Ns, just to make it seem different. Recently, I found a website, babynames.com, which lets you search for names by country, meaning, and letter.”

And, last but not least, timeless advice from Carmen’s Grandmother:

“Write it down. If you don’t write down your ideas, they don’t belong to you.”

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