Notes on December Meeting

We met at the Brea Library on a sunny afternoon. Kaleo had work today, so Ned led the meeting in his stead. Becky brought Christmas cards and cookies. As per usual, the meeting ran a bit late.


None. Instead we tried a new segment called “Writing Tidbits,” where we went around and gave lessons we learned from our experience. You can read more about it below.


We critiqued:

A Chapter from Rita’s “The Lost Angel”

“Hats,” a segment from Helen’s historical romance

Chapter 2 of Christy’s zombie novel


Ned brought in a photograph of an abandoned truck. See below for more.


The following came up in the discussion.

Author: Dan Fesperman, writer of thrillers, recommended by Ned.

Website:, for writer’s looking for legal reference, again recommended by Ned.

Website:, for character’s names, recommended by Becky.

Book: The Character Naming Sourcebook, by Sherrilyn Kenyon, recommended by Becky


No December Writer’s Forum, due to the holiday.

Also, January’s Meeting and Forum are different due to the New Year’s holiday. The January Writer’s Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, January 10th. The January Writer’s Forum will be held on Saturday, January 24th.

Next month’s submissions will be: Becky, Rita, Carmen.

We are in need of a topic and contributor for next week’s Writer’s Corner.

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