Five Minute Writing Prompt: Abandoned Jeep

Image: a jeep, blue in the photograph, sits abandoned under a leafy tree, verdant grass surrounding it.

Becky’s Story

Lenny was a leprechaun, which meant that he had an affinity for all things shiny. He squirreled away a great hoard and kept it for himself. In the old days, it had been easy enough to find shiny coins lying around, but now, with the advent of paperless money and credit cards, they were much harder to find.

The jeep was not the shiniest car in the world, but it was convenient, just a few miles from Lenny’s burrow under a tree. He liked the way the headlights glimmered, thought the side mirrors were amazing, and loved the way sunlight filtered through the glass. He had to have it.

After 600 years of hiding coins, Lenny was getting ambitious.

Note to writers: Hi guys. Anyone else want to post their stories here? Email me, and I’ll be more than happy to post it. –Becky

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