Notes on Writer’s Forum 11-15-14

By Rebecca Lang

Today was the Writer’s Forum at I Knead Love.  Only four of us came this week: Carmen, Kaleo, Becky, and Christy. But, hey, more treats for us. We sipped on our coffees and ice teas and nibbled delectable pumpkin cheesecake tarts and mini cupcakes. The conversation never ran dry.


Aren’t you sorry you missed out?

* * *


Although Kunj couldn’t make it to the meeting, she did mention to Christy her idea for publishing a bound collection of short stories from writers of this group.

Christy took this idea and ran with it, suggesting the stories fit a theme. She thought of kindness and compassion, paying good deeds forward, and having them come back to you. It fits well with the holiday season. Aside from this, several writers in the group have stories with this theme, such as:

  • Carmen’s “Confetti Marshmallow Clouds”
  • Becky’s “Bad Days–For Sale”
  • Kaleo’s “Arborist”

Hopefully, we’ll be able to get more information, as people bring in their ideas and opinions. Any thought? Reply in the comments or send the group an email.

* * *


Carmen read her revisions on Chapter 2 of her novel, The Witch’s Laugh, featuring a chicken named Azul and a rat named Loca. She’s been simplifying the story’s mythology. She offered us tantalyzing bits of information for chapters to come. She may be submitting this chapter for January.

Kaleo asked for suggestions in his upcoming Detective Nicky short story about a chocolate-crazed thief. We suggested places for the crime to occur. He also discussed an idea for a short story about miscommunication.

Becky wondered if anyone had any ideas for blog entries besides just meeting notes. She brought up a short story idea about a girl who got stuck in a box that froze time. Christy got excited and offered many ideas.

Christy mentioned her Zombie Conspiracy novel and asked if it would be all right if Chapter 2 began 2 weeks before the events of Chapter 1, in order to establish background. We agreed she should try it and see.

* * *


“I threw a bomb and it killed all my readers.”

–Carmen, explaining how too much exposition in her original draft had scared off her audience.

* * *


The following came up in our discussion:

Event: Photo Scan at Irvine Heritage Park Library from 1:00-4:00 on Sunday, November 16 (tomorrow!). Bring your personal images of historic Orange County to scan for the OC Stories digital collection. Participants will receive a CD of their scanned images. Kaleo also notes its a good place to do research for those interested in Orange County History.

Place: The Huntington An inspiring museum/ botanical garden in Pasadena. Admission is expensive, but it is well worth a visit.

Place: Cerrito’s Children Library Christy had visited this place a year ago and said it was a huge, that it had an aquarium, and that it had a giant tree to read under. Although you can’t check out books without a city library card, admission is free and it’s well-worth a visit.

Place: Bookfellow/ Mystery and Imagination. LA bookstore with a specialty in mystery/ speculative fiction. One of the businesses that Kaleo and his wife came into contact with during a library event.

Place: The Book Shop Covina bookstore that specializes in antiquarian (rare) books.

Organization: The Antiquarium For people interested in antique books

* * *


Thanks again to I Knead Love for hosting our event.

If anyone has ideas for new blog entries or are interested in writing, please let me know.

Next meeting will be at Brea Library on Saturday, December 6th. Hope to see you then! 🙂

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