Writer’s Corner: Blogging Basics

by Rebecca Lang

(from the August 2014 meeting)

How to Make a Blog

Step 1: Choose a hosting service

Word Press (https://wordpress.com/ )

Blogger (https://www.blogger.com/) (Google affiliate)

Step 2: Create an account/ login

(Usual things: name, email, password, terms of service. If you have a gmail account you can use it as your blogger account.)

Step 3: Name for your blog:

Ex: “Flight of the Red Dragonfly”

Step 3: Choose an address for your blog

Ex: www.rebeccalangfantasy.blogspot.com

(Tip for Authors: incorporate your name, your genre, or some other aspect of your brand to create continuity.)

Step 4: Choose a template

This is the basic design of your blog. You can modify it later.

Step 5: Post an article

Step 6: Play around with stuff

Author picture, author bio,


Try to establish a niche/ audience

Blog consistantly: 2-3 times a week at least

Keep it short and, if possible, funny

Read and comment on other blogs

Other Resources

“Why Every Aspiring (and Published) Author Needs a Blog”

By Nina Amir


A famous blogger shares how blogging fits into an author’s larger strategy.

 “Blogger Getting Started Guide”


This is a simple, step by step, guide for creating a blog on Blogger. If you need any help at all go here.

“How to Start a Successful Blog Today”

By Joshua Fields Millburn


A different way to set up a blog, plus tips on how to be successful.

“How to Blog: Blogging Tips for Beginners”

By Darren Rowse


An absolute encyclopedia of articles on blogging, with everything from how to make a strategy for your blog to how to design the template. I read through the articles extensively before I began blogging.

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